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    DSD Acid

    【Chemical name】: 4,4-Diaminostilbene-2,2-disulfonic acid
    【Commodity name】: DSD Acid
    【Structural Formula】:

    【Molecular Formula】: C14H14N2O6S2
    【Molecular Weight】: 370.4
    【Physical and chemical properties】:
    1) Light yellow paste or powder, soluble in alcohol and ether insoluble in water, readily soluble in a aqueous solution of alkali.
    2) Easy be oxidated to red in air, it has properties of aromatic acid and aromatic amine.

    Light yellow paste or powder
    Total Amido Value
    45.0% min
    Total drying Amido Value
    95.0% min
    Alkali Insolubility(paste)
    0.08% max
    Alkali Insolubility(powder)
    0.10% max
    Benzyl Content
    0.25% max

    【Main Usage】: Used in manufacture of fluorescent whitening agent. Direct chrysophenine G. Direct yellow R and used asinsect preventive ect.
    【Packing】: For powders 25kg net poly-woven bags or as the customers requirements.
    For paste 40kg net poly-woven bags or as the customers requirements.